What do you need to know about the Black Jack Online game?

Depobos Casino Gambling Agent – ​​HOW TO PLAY: Players place their bets in the middle of the betting circle. Then the dealer or dealer will deal two open cards to each player and for himself is given one face up and one face down. Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10s are valued at 10. Aces are counted as 1 or 11, depending on the player. All remaining cards 2-9, calculated based on the value of the number printed on it.

If the first two cards are Ace and 10, the player gets Blackjack and will be paid one and a half times his bet (3 to 2), unless the dealer also gets Blackjack. Players who do not get Blackjack can continue to try to approach the number 21 by continuing to add cards, but if the number exceeds 21, the situs judi depobos player “breaks” (falls) and loses his bet.

The dealer must hit (add a card) when the sum of all cards is 16 or less. The dealer must stay (do not add cards) if the sum of all cards is worth 17 or more.

ISTILAH Blackjack


Request more card


Don’t ask for an additional card


The player separates the first two cards into 2 bets and doubles the bet. The two cards separated must be of the same value (i.e. a pair of 8 and 8, King and Queen, etc.). In this split condition, Ace and 10 count as “21” instead of Blackjack. Daftar Live Casino


The player can double his bet (double down but fewer cards) on the first two cards that have been dealt and will only receive one additional card. This Double down bet is not allowed on Blackjack.

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INSURANCE (Insurance)

If the dealer’s card is an Ace card, the player may buy Insurance (insurance) whose value is half the money bet. Players are allowed to buy insurance if the player suspects the Dealer’s face card is number 10. If the Dealer really gets Blackjack, the insurance is paid 2 to one. On the other hand, if the Dealer does not get Blackjack, the insurance is lost and the game continues as usual. Note that Blackjack beats the total “21”.


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