Use These Steps To Be Able To Win The Capsa Susun Online Gambling Easier!

Each type of gambling game certainly cannot be separated from luck to be able to get a lot of wins. However, this clearly does not make a player immediately surrender to the conditions. As a bettor, you have a great chance of winning in a number of special ways. Like when you play online capsa stacking gambling. A card gambling game that really relies on ability rather than player luck.

Before becoming a professional player, there are many levels that need to be passed. But if you want to get a lot of wins in gambling capsa cards. Here are the ways that make even You a beginner can still earn a lot of wins.

Understand the Fundamental Terms of the Online Capsa Susun Game

One of the important things that you must have in order to win easily is to understand the basic provisions of the capsa game. This does not only apply to the type of online capsa stacking card gambling. However, all types of gambling games require the bettor to really master the rules and details of the game.

So in the capsa game, each dewa judi qq player will receive 13 cards. Players are required to make all 13 cards into 3 combined sides, namely top, middle and bottom. The value of each join must be in the same order. If it is reversed, the player will immediately be said to have lost because of “Scorched” or “Wrong Stacking”.

This game is played by a maximum of 4 players for each round (session). The winner is the player with the highest combination of 3 rows of cards. The position of the combined value of the capsa and poker cards is almost the same. The following is a combination of capsa cards from the highest to the lowest!

  • Capsa/Dragon
  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • 4 of kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • 3 of kind
  • 2 pair
  • Pair
  • High Card
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Tricks and Special Steps to Win Capsa Susun Online Gambling

After understanding the basics of the online capsa stacking promo slot online. Only then do you take a step to the next level. Namely, learning tricks and special ways to win easy online capsa stacking card gambling.

Of course there are many tricks that can be used by players. However, the following tricks and steps are often used by bettors!


After you get 13 cards from the dealer, please make good cards first. Start by making the highest possible joint with position. That is, the bottom joint is bigger than the middle. And the middle combination gets bigger from the top.


Next, start removing small valuable cards. So you can also see and choose the best possible combination of 13 cards obtained. Make sure you use this well in order to win.


It is necessary to know, you will experience greater losses when “Breaking”. This means that here the 3 combined rows arranged all lose. Therefore, you must be able to calculate points not to “break through”. When you get cards that are not strong enough. Try to make the best combination or at least not “Translucent”.


When playing online capsa stacking card gambling, there are many choices of tables (rooms). Each table (room) has a different minimum buy-in chip and bet requirements. So if you are a new player (beginner), don’t immediately choose a big table or VIP. Start playing at the smallest table first to increase experience and flying hours.

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The following are ways that you can apply to win online capsa stacking gambling more easily. And here, you can become a master of the online capsa stacking card gambling game in no time!


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