Tips for Playing Poker

As the Game of Poker is a very interesting game to discuss. Well, the game of poker is just one kind of game from some online games that are often played. In addition, poker games are about games that are easy or difficult to play. But the average player finds it easy to play poker because it has been played a lot by the community. Well, about how online poker games are actually easy and still the same as poker games as usual.

Usually online poker games include games using an arrangement from the lowest value to the highest order value. In addition, online poker games include games that are easy to understand for novice players. Although there are several online poker betting options that are considered new to judi poker online players, it is very easy to understand them. In fact, in land-based poker games, betting options are also used. Well, to explore and learn how to play online poker, pay attention to the arrangement of cards and several betting options in the game.

Poker Playing Card Arrangement

The arrangement or series of cards playing online poker cards include:

Royal flush

The series or combination of royal flush cards is the best in the history of playing poker gambling. Well, the circuit is quite easy to understand but quite difficult to obtain completely. Then the series of royal flush cards consists of a series of cards 10, J, Q, K, As and also consists of images of the same leaf or card.

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Straight flush

Then the series of cards or combinations of straight flush cards at a glance are the same as the rules. But what makes the difference is that the series of straight flush cards consist of a series of 10, J, Q, K, As cards that do not have the same leaf. This means that players can collect these values ​​without the need to pay attention to the type of leaf.

Four of kind

Next is a series of four of a kind cards Slot Online Terbaik of a series of the same value or number. Usually a series of four of a kind is a series of cards that are easier for players to get. Well, an example of a four-of-a-kind card series is J, J, J, 10.

Full house

Next is a series of full house cards that come in fourth, which means that it includes a good card arrangement. Well, the full house card series consists of a series of 3 cards and 2 cards that are twins or the same. An example of a full house card series is a full house card series, which is a series of 5, 5, 8, 8, 8.


Next again is a series of flush cards which is the fourth order and includes good cards in poker games. Well, a series of flush cards is made up of 5 sets of cards that have the same leaf. For example 5 series of curly cards, diamonds, spades or hearts.


Next is a series of straight cards which includes a pretty good series of cards because there is hope to win playing poker with an arrangement like this. Well, a series of straight cards is made up of 5 series of cards with consecutive values. Examples of straight card series are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

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Three of kind

Three of a kind is a series of cards consisting of 3 of the same card and then the other 2 cards are called supporters or kickers. Well, an example of a three-of-a-kind card series is Q, Q, Q, 10, 5.

Two pair dan one pair

Next is a series of two pair and one pair cards that are almost the same type. Well, the difference is that for a two-pair card series, it consists of two pairs of the same card value, then one pair consists of a pair of the same card value.

High card

The last is a series of cards called a high card and is a series of cards that consists of a random series.

The betting options in online poker games are:


The check option in poker betting means that when the situation in the poker card game has not had a player place a bet then the next player makes a check option. In addition, when all players have selected the check option, the betting round has been completed.


The fold option in poker betting means resigning which means not intending to continue playing poker again. Players can choose the fold option for various reasons including avoiding defeat because they have a base card arrangement that is not good or difficult to combine to win.


The raise option in poker betting means to increase the amount or value of the bet. It can also be called to increase chips when playing online poker gambling. The raise option is very commonly used in online and land poker gambling games. In addition, the raise option can also determine the benefits that will be obtained by players because the more they win.

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The call option in poker betting means following the amount or value of the previous bet. Now, players have the freedom to determine the amount of the bet value including wanting to follow the previous player’s bet amount. Usually this way of playing is also very common in other online card games.

All in

The last is the call option in poker betting, which means placing all of the balance or chips you have. Mostly if players do the all in option it is a way to close the account so they have to take advantage of all the remaining chips or balances that are still available.


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