The Right Tricks to Win Playing Sic Bo With Very Ease

Steps to win playing sicbo – To win bets in the sicbo game is actually very easy if we understand the steps to play and understand the tricks to play. The sicbo game is one of the games that has a lot of enthusiasts, because sicbo has many combined stakes and many tactics that can be used.

The sicbo game is a game that uses 3 dice as a playing facility, which was first introduced from China and eventually entered Indonesia and became one of the most popular games today. The sicbo type of game is actually the same as the fun game, the basic difference is only in the type of dice used. If sicbo uses dice with numbers, he is fun to use dice that has a picture.

In order to play a game that truly provides this advantage, of course you must have a valid Kartugol account. Immediately register you by contacting our service consumers via live chat or contact on this online gambling site. After you fill in the registration form, immediately contact our customer service via the live chat service to ask to be given a user ID and password. Next, do the deposit process to play the sicbo game that is broadcast live.

In order to be able to play bandar casino terpercaya this live Sicbo game, of course you have to know the steps to play and the types of bets first. Please read the following information so that you understand the steps for this live sicbo game.

Steps to Play Sicbo Online and Bet Types

If you want to win bets in the Sicbo game, of course you have to understand the steps to play and the types of bets first. I will explain briefly and concisely about this type of live sicbo game. Sicbo is a type of game to guess 3 dice, which are placed in one container and closed tightly. So it is not possible to see 3 dice in it.

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The dealer or street ball dealer will roll the dice that is in a container, then the player will be given time to determine the bet based on the feeling of the number that will come out. In a live table sicbo can be played by several players. There are many types of bets in the steps to win playing Sicbo, I will explain the various types of bets in detail:

1. Big Small Bet

In this bet, you only guess small or big choices, where the amount of the odds or the profit from the bet value is 1: 1.

The small number bets in the sicbo game are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and the large number bets are 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. For numbers 3 and 18 is to have a dealer which means when 3 as well as 18 that come out because of that the dealer will win the bet.

2. Bet Odd Even

This type of bet allows you to only guess odd or even choices, where the value of the profit obtained from the bet is 1: 1.

Odd number bets in sicbo live games are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and even number bets are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.

3. Guess the Dice Results

This bet means that we have to guess the sum of the 3 dice that will come out, where the average number is between 4-17, here is the calculation:

  • 4 or 17: 50 x profit from the stake.
  • 5 or 16: 18 x profit from the stake.
  • 6 or 15: the profit value is 14 x the amount bet.
  • 7 or 14: 12 x the profit from the stake.
  • 8 or 13: 8 x profit from the stake.
  • 9 or 12: 6 x profit from the stake.
  • 10 or 11: 6 x profit from the stake.
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4. Bet 2 Number Dice

Bet type that selects 2 dice numbers.

The value of the profit obtained is 5 x the value of the bet.

5. Bet 1 Number Dice

  • Bet type that selects only 1 dice number.
  • Dice that comes out: 1 x the value of the bet.
  • Dice that comes out: 2 x the value of the bet.
  • Dice that comes out: 3 x the value of the bet.

6. Twins

Choose one of the twin numbers that will be estimated to come out of the three dice.

The profit value obtained is 8 x the bet value.

7. Triplets

Choose 1 number dice that has the same value from the 3 dice.

The profit value obtained is 150 x the bet value.

The information above about the procedure for playing and the types of bets in the steps to win playing sicbo, not only the information above, of course you need to understand some of the following important terms:

Tutorial on playing Sic Bo online Indonesia

  • Rules: This menu serves to see the provisions in the sicbo game.
  • Balance: This menu serves to see the remaining balance in the account.
  • Bet: The number of bets placed on the betting table.
  • Chip: Is a betting tool to play in online gambling games.
  • Exit: The menu that serves to exit the application.
  • Confirm: This menu serves to confirm the value of the bet placed.
  • Repeat: This menu serves to repeat the bet value that was originally placed.
  • Win: The total amount you guys win bets in a sicbo game.
  • Clear Last: The role of this menu to cancel the last bet value.

By mastering the fundamental techniques in this game, of course you can’t make you win bets, you need to know how to win playing Sicbo by using the right tricks and tips.

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The Secret Guide to Playing Sicbo Without Losing

In order to win bets, of course you have to understand the tricks and tips to win playing sicbo, I will share a few tricks and tips for winning after doing lots of surveys from several online gambling sites.

The following are tricks and tips to win sicbo online:

Reading the History Board: You should read the storyboard for the numbers that come out of their initial loop, so that you will understand what tactics need to be applied.

Place Bets of Big Or Small Types: Placing bets of this type is the type of bet that gives the most profit, because it has the highest percentage of wins.

Avoid Triplets: You should avoid this type of bet, because you really need luck to win the bet.

Double Bet Value: If in several rounds you still win the bet, it should be doubling the value of the bet you place so that you can optimize the winning result.

Switching Tables: If you lose several rounds, immediately change tables and look for luck at another table.

By understanding all the information above, I believe it will increase your winning percentage on placing bets. By usually playing and applying all the tactics above, I believe you can find the best play scheme.

Hopefully this article about how to win playing sicbo, can help improve your discourse and can provide solutions to all your problems in this game. If you experience problems playing sicbo live, immediately contact our service consumers who work 24 hours non-stop via live chat or existing contacts.


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