Super10 Online Winning Factors

Super10 Ceme Online – Factors to Increase Winning Super10 Online – Having a desire to win in playing gambling is the most appropriate thing for gamblers. However, has your passion for success and the way you did it have made you win and profit in online gambling? I think many get a defeat that makes you upset and emotional.

Here, in this article, I want to give a discussion on how you can boost your winnings and gain profits in online gambling. And this article is devoted to the game Super10 Online. Where Super10 players must have the factors that I will discuss in this article. Hopefully with this discussion you can benefit from gambling online.

Super10 Online Winning Factors

As I said above. There are various factors that can help you have a high Winrate value to gain profits in online gambling. Before we discuss the various factors. First I want to give a tutorial to play situs poker online Super10 first for you guys. Immediately, we discuss the playing guide, then we will follow up with our main topic of conversation which discusses the Super10 Online Winning Boost Factor. Let’s watch together

Tutorial to Play Super10 Online

Super10 is a simple game taken from the game Samgong or Three Picture. The difference is that this game is played between players while Samgong plays with the dealer.

At the beginning of the game each player will be given 2 cards and after that, 1 more card will be distributed for a total of 3 cards to each player.

In view of

Before the game starts, all players are required to issue bets to start the game.

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Purpose of the Game

In the game Super10 aims to get the highest value of the number of cards in the ladder. The highest value is 10.

Highest Card Order – Super10 Online Winning Boost Factor

In every card game, it must have the highest to lowest situs casino online. And on this one paragraph. You can see the value of the Super10 game.

Three Picture

Consists of a combination of K, Q, J cards with free leaves


Combination of 3 cards with a total of 10

Value Ten

Combination of 3 cards with a sum of 20 and 30 with a QJK card and a value of 10

Value 9

Combination of 3 cards with a total of 9

Value 8

Combination of 3 cards with a total of 8

Value 7

Combination of 3 cards with a total of 7

Value 6

Combination of 3 cards with a total of 6

Value 5

Combination of 3 cards with a total of 5

Value 4

Combination of 3 cards with a total of 4

Value 3

Combination of 3 cards with a total of 3

Value 2

Combination of 3 cards with a total of 2

Value 1

Combination of 3 cards with a total of 1

NB 1: If the Total Number of Cards consists of 2 digits, the last digit will be taken as the Value value. And the value of K, Q, J has a value of 10 when added up

NB 2: If there are 2 or more players with the same Value. Then the winner will be determined from the owner of the highest card K / AS. If it is still the same, then it is determined from the Leaf value.

Online Super10 Winning Factors The opening of our topic about Super10 Games we discussed above. Now in this paragraph we will enter our main topic regarding the discussion of Super10 Online Winning Boost Factors. Let’s see what factors are required to win.

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6 Super10 Win Factors

Online Gambling Agent

Use sites that provide High Winrate values ​​to spur wins on your account. Recommended site for you, you can visit Poker139 with an alternative Poker139 link

Basic Game Super10

A guide to playing Super10 is a must for you to have, you can get from the existing tutorial for the Ceme game. One of them in the opening topic today.

Adjust Table And Balance

You can use the balance you have on the right table. What is meant right here is to find a table that can increase your game stake with the balance you have


Stay focused on what you are doing. Don’t get carried away with emotions that will distract your mind while playing.

Move Table

Watch your game tracking. If you get defeated 5 times in a row, move the table or room to find a new hockey


Remember the withdrawal of funds that you will do. Don’t be greedy to win a lot. Be grateful for what you get.

That will be an article that discusses the Super10 Online Winning Boost Factor. Hopefully from what is discussed here, and for you as readers. I am very happy if the article that has been shared can be useful for you. Especially online gambling players. Thank you


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