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The latest game Super10 Poker139 game online which is no less profitable than various other trusted online gambling poker games. Register now and play for big profits. In this modern era, there have been many findings that have changed the world which have influenced many things, including gambling games. Now comes a new playing card game, which has been introduced by the world of the online gambling industry through the IDN Poker server. The name of the game is Super10 which is still part of the trusted online gambling Poker139 game on this site.

If you are curious about the Poker139 Super 10 game, let’s see the full review below for a guide to playing it.

This is the Latest Profitable Poker139 Super10 Game

This Super10 poker game is a new gambling game that involves the total number of cards as a determinant of victory. Where from each of the total results of each card will form a certain combination. For the daftar dewa poker player who has the highest card combination, he will come out as the winner in this game.

The value of each card in the Super10 game is seen from the numbers listed on the card, which are as follows:

Ace cards are equal to 1, number cards 2 to number 10 cards have the same value according to the number. Then the Jack, Queen, and King cards are worth 10. That’s the value of each card and you also need to know that in this game the symbols on daftar casino online cards have no effect because only numbers are used.

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Super10 Card Combination Ranking Order

The Super10 card game on trusted online gambling poker sites has a combination of cards that will be used as a determinant at the end of the game. Each combination in this poker game will be formed based on the total value of the 3 cards that will be dealt. Some of these combinations include:

  • Three Picture = a combination of cards consisting of Jack, Queen and King is the strongest card combination in the Super10 game.
  • Super ten = a combination of 10 cards, where the total card value is purely 10 without a total value of tens. For example, (3 3 4), (4 4 2), (5 4 Aces), (8 Aces As)
  • Value 10 with a combination of 10 cards where the total value of the card is not pure 10 because the value is obtained from the total value of tens. Example: (5 5 Jack), (10 10 Jack), (2 8 Queen), (7 3 10)
  • Value 9 with a number of card combinations totaling 9. So for example like numbers (8 8 3) (10 Jack 9) (6 2 As) (Queen Jack 9)
  • Value 8 with a combination of cards totaling 8. And for example like symbol cards and numbers, (King King 8), (6 As Ace), (10, Queen 8) (7 5 6)
  • Value 7 with a combination of cards totaling 7. It can also be with examples of number cards and symbols (2 3 2), (King 7 Queen), (9 8 10), (8 7 2)

And the same goes for the next combination up to the smallest number card. So, basically the Super10 game in this trusted online gambling poker game is very easy to play. If you want to try it, just register here and enjoy the sensation of playing the most profitable new game.

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