Special Strategy to Play Capsa

Special Strategy for Playing Capsa, Capsa Susun is a game that is played with playing cards. This game is played by 4 players. Where each player will get 13 cards.

This game is a very fun game to play, especially during free time.

You have to arrange the card into 3 levels so that the card becomes a good card.

This game requires concentration and also a very accurate strategy to be able to win the game.

Because if you miscalculate, it will be a pity you can lose in the game.

Of course, when you play poker deposit pulsa capsa stacking gambling, you definitely expect a win, right? No one plays just because he wants to lose and spend their money.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional gambler, when you play this 1 card gambling game, you definitely need a strategy.

Then what are the strategies you can do so that you can win?

Special Strategy to Play Capsa

Move the table.

By moving tables, it is hoped that you can find luck that will give you victory.

That way you will meet different players. That way it is hoped that you can get players that you can easily beat.

Play with patience and focus.

When playing make sure you are not emotional. To achieve a victory you must always be patient.

If you are impatient then it is difficult for you to be able to play with focus. Because if you don’t focus when playing. Because you have to really take into account your cards. So that your card can be the highest arrangement compared to your opponent’s card.

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Observe the course of the game first.

Before starting the game, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the course of the game. Because the capsa game is played and competed live. Then you and all other players can watch it live.

Set a winning target.

So that you can get maximum winning results, you must determine the winning target you want to achieve.

Because if you don’t set a target, you often enjoy playing until you finally lose all your capital.

With a predetermined target so you know when it’s time you have to stop playing. So that you do not lose direction which causes you to experience defeat.

Play Capsa Stack

Playing capsa susun is a game using rummy cards that is very much loved by many gamblers.

When you understand the arrangement of playing cards. Then you can win easily in this capsa stacking game.

In the capsa stacking game we are not just talking about skills but talking about luck.

That’s why I always advise players to move from place to place as I said above.

When you change tables, your chances of getting a good card are also there. Don’t die in one place.

When we can play and set the rhythm of the game, of course we can play consistently and can produce.

The best risk management is to provide a range or distance to lose and distance to win. When one of them is done you finish the game and continue tomorrow.

This is all to avoid being greedy when you keep winning and managing losses when you keep losing.

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We can’t talk that we’re going to keep winning all the time. It could be that when you win, you know you lose until you run out. Then the term “manage defeat” appears.

How smart can we manage our defeat so it’s not too big


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