Indonesian People’s Disappointment When Gambling

Many people say that growing up is not fun. But when we are young, we want to be like adults who can freely want to go anywhere or can do anything. But when you grow up We are getting older and we have to face various problems to form a better character. But we often want to run away from the problems we face or regret the actions we have done. But what else should I do? because time cannot be turned back and the way we have to do is face the existing problems and of course use the best solution.

When we live or grow older, of course, we have faced some problems and it can be an experience for us. With experience, we can know what we can or should not do or not. If previously managed to have a positive or good impact, surely there is no doubt to do the same thing again better. But if we know it’s not good or bad, there are still some people who want to do it. Because they may believe that trying it again can make a positive difference. But this is not always the case, as is the case in gambling activities in everyday life.

Adults or Teenagers Play Gambling

Indonesian People’s Disappointment When Gambling

Until now there are many adults and teenagers who play agen judi nova88 gambling. Whether it’s land gambling or online gambling, because for them they just spend a small amount of capital hoping to get a big or a lot of profit. If it continues to be collected, for them the money will be easy to collect and can fulfill the needs or desires they want to fulfill. For people today, playing gambling is still an alternative in order to earn money. But if it fails, of course it can make him disappointed. Especially when he pushes himself too much, even though he loses several times or continues to lose on the day or when he is less fortunate or loses his playing time.

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Wrong Decision Making

Does everyone who gambles earn or earn? Not all of them, Daftar Situs Casino in the game there must be winners and losers. The results of the game in the future we will also not know what the result will be. Because in this case we basically make a bet. When playing gambling, there are also many members who are disappointed with the results of the game or the results of their own decisions. Usually when the members play, they have to make good decisions. By trying to predict or guess, hoping that the guess will be right or win in order to win the game. But if the results are not in line with our expectations, of course they will be disappointed or upset because they made the wrong decision or are not confident.

Not Getting a Fund Loan

Many say playing this gambling can make the players addicted or want to play continuously. This is indeed proven and real, when people are addicted and if in a day or two they don’t play gambling, they will feel bored. Usually those who are addicted will also experience financial or capital problems. Now here is what makes the government issue regulations for people who have this negative character. Usually if they run out of capital, they will sell some of their belongings and with this capital they hope to produce results. There are also those who steal or ask for loans from people around them by force, if they are not lent, they will usually be disappointed and angry.

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Continuous Loss and Long Delayed Transactions

Furthermore, disappointment is often conveyed by members when playing online gambling. Many people think that this online gambling game is safe and reliable. But not all of them, because many members also complain that this online gambling game has many admins, robots and settings so that members continue to lose. Though it all depends on the ability to play and each other again. Then also especially when there is a bank disruption, member transactions are delayed for a long time because normal banks also don’t know for sure when the time will be. Customer Service tries to help if the member provides a photo of the original ATM receipt. If there is none, it will be forced to postpone until the bank is normal and wait a long time. Disappointed members? Certainly so.


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