How to Win the Latest Ceme Online Gambling

Introduction to Ceme Online Gambling – Hello friends, online gambling lovers, in this article we will discuss more about online ceme gambling. Lately, Ceme Online Gambling has become the main choice for beginner friends and reliable players who want to play fast gambling games. Because as this game does not have many rules and is very easy to quickly play agen pokerdewa99 by beginners.

Choice of Trusted Sites – But how for friends can immediately start this online ceme gambling?. So the trick is that you have to choose one of the many online websites that are scattered. However, the choice should not be arbitrary. Due to the rapid development of online gambling sites and their fans, so there are also rogue agents who take advantage of this situation. so you have to be careful in choosing the agent you will choose.

Trusted Site Recommendations – For that, if you are confused in choosing from tens or even hundreds of these online sites. We recommend one trusted site and has been proven by thousands of other members, the site is On this site, you can read the latest guides and reviews, of course, and the site also has conditions that support it to be called a Trusted Agent site.

Online Ceme Gambling Game – In this ceme gambling game, my friend can choose whether to become a dealer or become a player. If no one wants to be a dealer then this game can’t start.

  • Dealer Choice – If you choose this role, then your main goal is to have a card value that is equal to or higher than the player’s card value.
  • Choice of Player (Player) – If you choose this role, then your main goal is to have a card value that is higher than the dealer’s card value.
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Advantages of Being a Dealer or Player – Each role has its own Daftar Situs Judi Bola Resmi which are:

  • Become a Dealer – If you choose to be a dealer, the advantage is, if you have the highest value or 9, you automatically beat all bets on the table. And to get the jackpot opportunity is bigger than being a player.
  • Becoming a Player – When you choose to be a player there are also advantages, where your card only fights 1 player, namely the dealer card. And if you get a value of 9 then your betting partner is paid 2 times.

Jackpot in Ceme Online Gambling – You know my friends, in online ceme gambling games there are jackpots that are provided if you are lucky you can get big prizes. But of course to get the jackpot, my friend is required to buy the jackpot first. The jackpot purchase is available in 3 price options, namely 100, 500, 1000. This jackpot is seen from 4 cards which are created from a combination of 2 player cards and 2 dealer cards.

  1. Small Pure Jackpot – This jackpot can be obtained if the total card value is 9 or below. Then the bonus you get is multiplied by 50.
  2. Large Pure Jackpot – This jackpot can be obtained if the total card value is 39 or more. Then the bonus you get is also multiplied by 50.
  3. Balak Jackpot – This jackpot can be obtained if the four combined cards are twins at the top and bottom. Then the bonus you get is multiplied by 200. The
  4. Six Gods Jackpot (6666) – This last jackpot is highly anticipated – every player hopes for, because they get a fantastic bonus multiplication Where if you get a combination of cards with a total value of 6 or (6666) then the bonus you get will also be 6666. Which if you buy a jackpot that costs 1000, it will be paid out to 6,666,000 or more Fantastic isn’t it.

So what are you waiting for? if you have been challenged and want to get those jackpots, immediately register on the site that we recommend for friends. Thus this article about online ceme gambling we made for friends of online gambling lovers. May be useful.


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