How to Win Super10 IDNPLAY

Super 10 IDNPLAY is a game that is played using 3 playing cards with the aim of getting the highest value, namely 10. Super 10 (super ten) games like the samgong game, the difference is that super 10 is played with other players while samgong is playing with the Super Ten dealer. This game was released on April 19 by IDNPLAY with the aim of providing more game choices for members.

Maybe many bettors are confused about how to play Super 10. We made this article with the aim of helping to understand how to play and the secret technique of winning playing the newest game from this IDNPLAY poker site. Winnings with a percentage of up to 75% can be achieved if you have been trained using the secret techniques that we provide. But before that, register super 10 IDNPLAY to get ID to play daftar domino qiu qiu this game.

Steps to Play Super 10 IDNPLAY

So a beginner, you should first understand the calculation steps in the Super 10 IDNPLAY game. Cards with numbers 2 to 10 are worth according to the recorded numbers, while A is worth 1 and J, Q, K is worth 10. The highest value in this game is 10 so if you get a card with a total value past 10 then it is enough to pay attention to the back bandar sbobet.

The total value of the above cards is 23. Therefore the actual value in the IDNPLAY super 10 game is 3.

Then what if there is the same value between players? The first thing to look at is the player’s highest card, K is the highest card and A is the lowest card. If there are similarities, then you must pay attention to the symbol, the highest is the spade, then the heart, the club and the diamond.

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Steps to Play Super 10 IDNPLAY

Previously each player had to ante or place an initial bet. After that the card will be given clockwise. Each player will be given 2 cards, now each player can plan his betting strategy. Instinct is very useful in determining the next step, namely check, raise, call, all in and fold if you have a very small chance. Then the last card will be given until each player gets a total of 3 cards. The player with the highest score will win this game. So do not carelessly increase the bet in this last round. You can re-read our information above about how to calculate the value of a super 10 card if you forget.

Super 10 Win Trick IDNPLAY

Everyone playing Indonesian online poker certainly wants to win. But many people do not prepare the tactics to get it all. Luck alone is not enough to get the desired victory. Therefore, here we share a few online poker tricks for online gambling players, especially the Bandar Super 10 game.

Find a fitting room

We recommend looking for a room with the number of players almost filling the existing seats in that room. The fact is to optimize the number of wins.

Try a seat

After getting the room, then the next step is to try playing in one of the available seats. If in the first 7 rounds you don’t get a chance to win, then we recommend moving your seat or looking for another room. But you can try to continue playing from there if you get a lot of wins in the first 7 rounds.

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Take advantage of feeling

You really have to be able to take advantage of the feeling while playing. Don’t force playing if the feeling doesn’t feel good.

Play creatively

Our goal of playing creatively is to have to play with variety in checking, raising and folding. You don’t play so defensively, that is, keep folding when you get bad cards. And must also be able to reduce the desire to increase the bet if you get a good card at first. With this the enemy will find it difficult to read your playing steps.

Watch the enemy play

Throughout playing, you should pay attention to how the enemy plays. Until they can be aware of the usual tactics they play. Players to watch out for are players who play creatively as we previously described.

Bluffing at the right time

The bluffing trick has the aim of making the enemy retreat even though you actually have a card that is not good enough to play against. But do not carelessly bully the enemy because it can make us lose ourselves. We recommend that the best time to bluff the enemy is when it is the last turn and no player increases the stakes. This trick can be done if the remaining 2 or 3 players are betting on the table.

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