How to prevent slot gambling addiction

Since time immemorial, slots have been a very enjoyable game. The game is very easy, just press the lever to randomize the symbols. If lucky then the player will get an extraordinary number of wins. Especially if what the player gets is the jackpot. Instantly players can immediately enjoy life by staying in five-star hotels.

The story about the jackpot is also not just a figment. There are already many players who have proven it. Therefore, slots are currently one of the most popular casino games. Especially now that there is such a thing as online slots. Everyone can play it easily anytime and from anywhere.

The Danger of Slots Addiction

For lovers of this game, the existence of online slots is certainly good news. Because this way, they don’t have to go to the casino just to play judi slot online the game. From home, just waking up and going to sleep, players can immediately play the game. But for those of you who can’t control yourself, you should think again.

A few spins of the slot machine do not seem dangerous, especially if the bet amount is small. But this activity can be dangerous if the player is addicted. He could spend his money all night just on gambling. Even after losing, addicted people still want to keep playing.

Just like any other type of addiction, gambling addiction can start with just experimenting. If not controlled, without realizing someone is already addicted. If you are addicted, this can be detrimental to many people. Not only the addict himself, but also the people around him.

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How to Prevent Addiction to Slot Gambling

We know the consequences of gambling addiction must end badly. Gambling addiction can be so dangerous, surely no one wants to be an addict, right? Therefore, everyone should know how to prevent gambling addiction. Some of them are:

Find Out Causes of Addiction

Every addict has different reasons what triggers them to become addicts. It would be helpful if he knew what triggered it. If the addict already knows and is well aware of this, then he will try to control it.

Triggers can come from stress, excessive tiredness, emotions that are not good, or relationships with people around you that are not good. If you already know the trigger, it will be very good if these things are avoided so that they are not easily tempted again.

Avoid Loneliness

This is especially true for those who feel lonely. People who can enjoy solitude usually will not have this problem, he can actually use solitude to be a positive thing. However, if loneliness is a trigger for gambling, then you should spend more time with the people closest to you. Both family and friends.

Look for Other More Positive Activities

Regarding the previous point, avoid being alone by doing more positive activities. It doesn’t have to be new, it can also be a hobby or activity that was previously liked, but was forgotten because of gambling activities.

Cooking, sewing, embroidery, gardening, sports, culinary tours with the closest people, and many other positive activities that are fun. Find the activity that you like the most and make it a new pleasure, so you will slowly get distracted from gambling.

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Limit Yourself

If you really want to gamble just for fun, then limit yourself before playing. First, determine the budget for gambling, separate this budget into a separate wallet or bank account specifically for entertainment. Don’t be tempted to take money from other posts.

Also limit playing time. For example 1 to 2 hours per day. Try not to exceed that time, so that the game and budget are kept under control.

Create Doable Goals with Money Used for Gambling

Imagine if you don’t spend a budget on gambling, what can you do with that money? Turn those things into goals. For example, buying a house, buying a vehicle, going on vacation to the most desired tourist destination, and so on. That way, you will think twice before spending money just on gambling.

That’s how to overcome slot gambling addiction. Of course there must be a will from yourself. Play any gambling professionally and have good self-control.


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