How to Play Poker Online for extra income

Online poker is a very popular game in Indonesia. Online poker players have the opportunity to reap a sizable profit with a fairly small capital. In addition to being able to play to pass the time, online poker players can also get a chance to win so they can earn money. So instead of wasting your time spending money playing games that can’t make you money, why don’t you try playing online poker games that have the opportunity to increase your income.

To play this online poker game for beginners you don’t need to use a large amount of money. But you just need to set aside your pocket money a little to be able to enjoy online poker games. By only depositing your 10 thousand dollars, you can enjoy this poker game competing against all online poker dewa poker online players from Indonesia.

Terms of Playing Online Poker:

  • Have a BCA / BNI / BRI / Mandiri
  • Account Have a savings account of at least 100 thousand so that you can make transactions.

How to Play Poker Online:

  • Open the Poker139 Website, after that you are required to register yourself to be able to get a Poker ID.
  • After you have obtained a poker ID, for Mobile/HP users, you must download the poker application so that you can enter the poker game. If you play via a computer, you can proceed to stage 3.
  • If stages 1 and 2 have been completed, the next step is to contact Customer Service located in the lower right corner on the website: Poker139 or from BBM/Whatsapp/line from Kunciemas to get make the deposit process.
  • After the customer service checks your ID, you will be given a destination account number to transfer the amount of money you will deposit.
  • After you transfer the money, make a deposit form on the Poker139 website. About 1-2 minutes then your credit balance in the game will be filled.
  • If you no longer want to play and want to withdraw your money, then create a withdrawal form to exchange money in your game. After making the withdrawal form, contact customer service and in about 3-5 minutes the money in your account will increase according to the nominal amount you withdraw.
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Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

  • If you are still a beginner, play with a small nominal Daftar Sbobet Casino, so you can learn first how to play the game.
    Maybe if you lose, that’s normal because sometimes apart from getting bad cards, you can also meet quite experienced opponents.
  • Don’t give up if you lose several times. Because the more you play, the more experience you will have.
    If you have started to easily get a win, then increase the nominal amount of your deposit gradually, so that the income you get will also increase.
  • If you feel you have met a formidable opponent then try changing the table. But if your mood has been affected and your confidence has decreased, then stop playing first and continue tomorrow.
  • There have been many online poker players who have focused on playing this game and looking for income from this game so that they can live well. But of course it’s not easy, they must have patience and be diligent to learn to play poker through articles and guide books to play poker.


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