How to Play Domino QQ Gambling For Beginners

Domino QQ Online – Lately, there have been many online gambling lovers who like to play this domino QQ gambling, and there are also many beginners who don’t understand how to play Domino QQ online, because this is just a challenge. So what are the steps to learn if you want to play well and right? in the article that we made, hopefully it can be useful for beginners and existing online gambling lovers. Here we will tell you the tips and tricks.

Basic Explanation of Playing Domino QQ

In this online Domino QQ gambling game, 6 players can play agen samgong and use a pack of 28 dominoes. Here are some of the rules of the Domino QQ game:

Each player will be distributed a total of 4 cards (total), which initially will be given 3 cards first after a new bet is distributed to the 4th card or the last card.

To win the last bet, the cards must be added in pairs and the highest value is 9 – 9 or what is called the word Q – Q.

Another advantage in this Domino QQ game is that every player gets a jackpot opportunity as a surprise gift that has been determined to get it.

Jackpot In Domino QQ Game

If you want to get the jackpot, you can look for online gambling websites that provide the jackpot.

The jackpot in the Domino QQ game has several sequences such as:

(the order of the jackpot from the smallest to the biggest special)

small pure card.

Where is the card whose sum of 4 player cards does not exceed 9 circles

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big pure card.

Where a card with a sum of 4 player cards has a total sum of at least 39 circles or more

log card.

Where the 4 cards that the player has are all logs or Daftar Judi Online Bola

Tips for playing Domino QQ online

You must have heard the saying that patience is the key to success and success, it turns out that this statement does not only apply in our business life but can also be applied in online gambling games. What is meant by patience here is wait until you get your best card, don’t waste your chips at the beginning of the game. In online gambling games luck is indeed the main factor, but it’s a good idea to explore your playing techniques in order to get continuous wins easily.

Some Tricks To Avoid Defeat

In this Domino QQ game to get a win or even a defeat is very fast, therefore prepare the initial capital if you think it is enough, get enough victory and if you lose try the next day.

This Domino QQ game requires enormous patience, don’t be provoked by the opponent’s game, even on the contrary, try the opposing players to follow the flow of your game and that is enough to make you always win. So that the opponent follows the flow of your game, play patiently

Before you start the game or sit at the table, it’s a good idea to see your opponent’s game situation when you pay attention to your opponent’s game you can prepare tactics to beat your opponent

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Try not to stick to one table, this is to measure how lucky you are at that table if you lose at a small table try to move to a bigger table and even vice versa, and when you feel lucky enough at that table play as usual

This last trick is very important to determine your victory, you must be able to take advantage of the cards you have if you get a card that is small or not good, try to bluff your opponent, but look at the situation at the table if you are not sure you should fold your cards .

Thus this article we created for you online gambling lovers may be useful.


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