Here’s The Original Gambling God of the Poker Game Field

Some time ago, there was news about the existence of a figure from the god of gambling. This one that comes from the city of Kalimantan is currently being hunted by members of the FBI. This god of gambling, whose name was obtained from Paul Phua, also came from an island in Kalimantan. Although some come from the city of Kalimantan, this Phua is not a native of Indonesia but is originally from Malaysia.

Phua is said to be one of the biggest bookmakers in the world. That and over the years he has also had the biggest impact on gambling in the world. Releasing it from ESPN, this guy Phua is a really simple figure. That’s as long as he is engaged in the world of gambling, he has also built a gambling empire in Hong Kong. Las Vegas, there is London and there is also Melbourne.

In fact, it’s not just Phua alone, recently there’s also a man from Medan, in North Sumatra. It has been reported that he has become one of the most respected gamblers around the world. Last Monday (4/8/2019), a man from Medan had also been a symbol of this world’s poker who made the career of a professional gambler.

The name of John Juanda in 2014 was also a hot topic of discussion. Which because of his achievements he won from the World Series of Poker or (WSOP). According to, the name John Juanda has not only won the WSOP once. That but been there five times too.

Won Many World Championships

From his achievement, he won five times from the WSOP competition, John also received a total prize of USD 2,330,926, around Rp. 28 billion. The action of John Juandan’s gambling began when he was finishing his master’s degree at Seattle University, in the United States.

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Juanda started getting to know the game of poker when he traveled to this American country to be able to continue his education from the S1 in 1990 yesterday. While traveling on the plane, a colleague beside him introduced him to the type of poker judi casino online.

After he graduated from S1, he also continued his education to S2. When he was in graduate school, John filled his spare time from this college to play agen blackjack poker gambling. The one in the existing casino is not that far from the university from Seattle University.

Introduced His Friends In Poker Gambling

In 1999 last time, John Juanda also participated in the WSOP professional championship for the first time. And at that time there was also a success in occupying the 9th rank. That and there are also prizes with money from as much as USD 1,500.

After he received his MBA in 1996. It was from this man who was born on July 8, 1971 that he decided to become a professional gambler and made poker gambling a source of his income. During the next four months, in the same competition he also managed to finish in 7th position. That and has the right to one prize of USD 399,600.

Throughout that summer in 2000, Juanda also made him a rising star. Who was in that professional poker gambling competition at the time he had managed to finish about that six times. Poker139


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