Getting to Know Mobile Ceme Gambling Easily

Mobile Ceme Gambling – Hello online gambling friends, meet again in our article, here we will make interesting information and can make online gambling friends win over and over again. In this article, we want to tell you that this mobile ceme game is the simplest online card gambling game that only uses 2 cards and tries to get the highest value, namely the value of number 9. want to be a player or player or friend want to be a dealer or dealer atau

Counting Ceme Cards Online

Here you have to know the count in the ceme game, here you just need to count the number of circles on each card here on the left and add up with the cards here on the right, because what is distributed in the ceme game is only two cards and your task is only to add up the circles of the two cards. But keep in mind the highest value is 9, if the result of your card is more than 10, 20, 30 then the number taken is the number from the last digit of the card value.

Number of Players in Mobile Ceme Gambling

Ceme roving game is played by 2 to 8 players. The agen poker 99 players will be given a black seat while the one player who becomes the dealer will be given a red seat. But the game will not start if one of the players is not a dealer.

How to Play Gambling Ceme Keliling

Each player will get 2 cards which are distributed by the dealer, including your friend, but before being distributed the dealer will give 7 seconds for all players including your friend to place a bet. After the given time runs out, the dealer immediately distributes the cards to each of the existing players, and is given another 10 seconds to choose the cards that are distributed. And then all players must open cards to compete with the dealer, every card that exceeds the dealer is the winner.

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Rules of Winning and Losing Ceme Gambling around

Here we would like to inform the existing regulations:

  • Player Wins – If the value of the player’s card is higher than the dealer, and the dealer will pay the player’s bet amount
  • City Wins – If the value of the city card is higher or the same value as the player’s card then the city wins
  • Qiu Card – Here if a player gets a 9 card then the city must pay 2 times the bet placed, but if the city gets a value of 9 then the city has the right to get all bets on Daftar Agen Bola table even if there is a player or friend who has the same value that is the number 9.

Jackpot Or Bonus Played Ceme Keliling

For friends, online gambling lovers, getting a jackpot or bonus in this mobile ceme game is a little different from the existing one, because to get the jackpot in this game, you have to combine the two player cards and the two dealer cards, for the jackpot it’s exactly like you got the jackpot from Domino QQ. that is :

  • Pure small
  • Pure Big
  • Card Balak
  • Card 6 gods

The difference is that players have to combine 2 player cards and 2 dealer cards so that the amount can reach the jackpot, but my friend of course has to buy the jackpot for the round itself.
Well, in the article that we made, hopefully it will be useful for all online gambling lovers.


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