Gambling Directions and Calculation of Good Days for Gambling

There are many mystical ways that are believed to increase luck, for example, determining the direction of gambling and also calculating lucky days. Today’s review isn’t the first you’ll come across. But here we summarize it so that it is more complete and of course we complete it with examples. Come on, let’s look at the directions for playing gambling and calculating good days for gambling based on ancient Javanese science.

The direction of the Javanese version of gambling luck

Determine the direction of fortune can be seen from the direction of the wind, the direction of the Qibla, the direction of the sun and so on. Likewise with the luck of winning gambling, it can be seen from the direction of poker88 mobile terbaru playing gambling according to the Javanese neptu. The market for winning gambling is really hard to guess and if you are not an expert in counting, of course you will not understand.

The calculation or calculation of the day and the direction of luck is also required to look at several factors. Where you have to look at the nogo dino day factor or the direction of the dragon, the direction of departure and the direction of sitting gambling. All of this you can see and relate to the weton of your birth.

Seeing a good day with java neptu diagram

Neptu Jawa is one of the calculation values ​​by taking the market value, which is used for calculating normal days such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is different from the Javanese market they call it Pahing, Pon, Wage, Kliwon, and Legi.

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Then you can look at the Weton diagram below.

diagram weton

Some of the calculation steps are really easy and you can do it agen bola terbesar. Every day and market has value. The important thing here is that you calculate your birthday by adding the two results together.

For example, suppose your birthday is Monday Pound, then you have a weton value of 13. This result will determine which direction you will sit and play.

Looking for a seat to play card gambling

In the example I gave above, with a weton value of 13 you can occupy the East direction. Where did this east come from?

For these values ​​and directions, you can pay attention to the value of the gambling direction diagram that we attach below.

With the initial result of 13, so you just have to watch for the netpu table which has your luck sitting on the east side or you can also sit facing the east side.

There are several ways to win playing card gambling, including how to play this game. Hopefully the explanation of the direction of gambling and the market for winning gambling according to Neptu Java can give you a betting luck direction for you. Don’t forget to register for the list of the greatest online gambling websites to win.


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