Dominobet Playing Tricks and Domino Card Combinations

One of the tricks that can be applied in order to win in the DominoQQ Online game is to try to guess the cards that are owned by the enemy. Players will easily win this game if players can guess the enemy’s card by applying some calculations about how likely the card will come out. By knowing the cards that the enemy has, the player can determine whether the player will continue the bet and increase the bet or the player will stop playing.

This strategy can seriously be applied to be able to play qq poker play domino qiu qiu correctly so that players can determine the next good strategy based on the cards owned by the player and the alleged cards owned by the enemy. Playing domino gambling, players need a good strategy in playing besides that players must understand about how to play domino games.

Dominobet Online Enemy Card Guessing Strategy

Domino bet or domino qiu qiu games both require strategies and tricks to win easily. One of the strategies that can be applied is by guessing the cards owned by the enemy. To make it easier for players to guess the domino bet net owned by the enemy playing domino gambling, there are several strategies that can be applied, one of which is:

If there are 5 players playing domino games on the domino gambling table. Therefore, players can consider the number of cards owned by the player himself or the number of domino gambling cards owned by the enemy playing domino gambling.

If players want to be able to guess the cards that are owned by the enemy playing in the domino qiu qiu gambling game easily, players can apply domino gambling chips. Use domino gambling chips to play dominoes and play only moderately, don’t get greedy and get emotional.

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If the gambling game is driven on an online gambling site that implements the game with fair play, then players will find it difficult to see the enemy’s cards because the steps are equipped with serious security so that players can’t play naughty.

Playing online domino gambling on the most trusted online gambling sites, players should not use software that can cheat the game so that players can see the cards owned by the enemy. If this is known, because it will seriously endanger the player himself because the player id has been detected.

By applying the strategy in seeing the domino bet net enemy card above, it is hoped that players will find it easier to play domino gambling later. By successfully knowing the enemy’s card, the player can dominate the domino game later. But by playing naughty players will only receive victory in an instant and players cannot play quietly and safely. Play with fair play because there are many other strategies that players can use so that they can situs judi slot online win in online domino gambling games.

Winning Strategy Playing Dominobet Online

There are many ways that players can use to receive big wins. Among them is by applying a good game strategy so that players will easily accept victory quickly. Playing fairly with the strategies applied can help players play online domino gambling quickly. To be able to win in the domino qiu kiu gambling game, players must know the tricks and secrets in order to win. Below we will describe about how to play dominoes to win easily:

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Choose a strategic seat

Systematically, one seat has a specific time to receive a good card. Players should pay attention first to which seat, if they receive a good card or get the highest score among the other seats

Cooking calculations

This game deals with the knowledge of chance. Players can learn odds knowledge to know the chances of receiving a good card.

Just play safe aman

For novice players, they should play it safe, it is appropriate for players to decide to take part in the bet if the player controls a good card at least a pair of starting cards, namely 9.

Set a budget in playing DominoQQ Online gambling, so that players can know the number of wins and losses that players get. In addition, it is to secure the player’s personal funds so that they do not unite with funds to play online domino gambling.

The above strategy can be applied by players in playing online domino gambling so that players can play dominoes safely and easily. The better a player’s game, the greater the player’s chance of winning. Apart from the need for a mature strategy, these players rely on a big luck factor. Quickly stop playing if the player loses 3 times in a row, this visualizes luck that is not on the player’s side.

How to Play Domino bet Online Game.

One of the ways to receive victory in the online domino game is by knowing how to play a good and correct way. Below we will explain the guide on how to play dominoes:

Initially, players must know the knowledge base on how to play dominoes. Each player will receive 4 cards and will be counted in pairs. It means that the number of spots that are carded with the Dominobet Playing Guide will be calculated in total to become 2 pairs of scores. If the value is prime past 9, the leading digit will therefore be discarded. For example, if the prime value is 15, then the value will be calculated as 5, and so on. The player who gets the most scores is the winner.

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The dealer will first distribute the first 3 cards to each player. And players are given 2 times the opportunity to bet or increase their bets.

when 3 cards are given, players can bet or both increase their bets to take a fourth card, if one of the players does not follow the bet submitted by another player, then the player does not have the right to take the fourth card and is declared defeated.

When a player receives the fourth or final card, bets are moved to determine the winner, who is the player with the highest total log score of 2 pairs of cards.

If it is a tie, then the players are arranged with the highest cross-match (cards with twin circles), or if there is no log, then the player who has the highest spot is the winner.

There are four special card combinations in the game of dominoes, namely:

Card 6 gods

The prime card is a circle of 6. Of the 28 dominoes there are only 4 cards that have a circle of 6. This is the highest card in the domino game.

4 log cards

A combination of 4 cards that have the same number of circles (twin cards).

Big pure card

Four cards that have a total of more than 40. Blank logs or cards that do not have circles are considered 10.

Small pure card

Four cards whose total is no more than 9.


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