City Play GuideQ

Guide to Playing BandarQ – BandarQ is one of the domino card online gambling games using real money bets. In playing BandarQ, make sure you play on the right, safe and trusted site. Do not let you choose a site that is not safe, and cannot be trusted on that site. If you are confused about choosing a safe and trusted site. You don’t need to worry, on this occasion we will give one recommendation for you, namely Poker139.

The Poker139 site also provides various types of games Slot Online Uang Asli of Online Poker, Domino99, AduQ, Bandar Poker, Blackjack, SakongQQ, Capsa Susun, Bandar66, Baccarat War, and Dice War. Of these several types of games, you can play using only 1 account. On the Poker139 site it can be played capsa susun online by all people, whether it’s the lower, middle, or upper classes. The Poker139 site has provided a deposit of only 15,000.

City Play GuideQ

BandarQ is a game that can be played by 2 to a maximum of 8 people consisting of 1 dealer and 7 players. The BandarQ game type is played by using a domino card type 1 set consisting of 28 pieces and each card has a different value. Each player will be dealt a total of 2 cards from the dealer. In every online gambling game, of course there is a winner. However, for the BandarQ game, which will be determined from the player’s value, it is compared with the dealer’s value.

How to Determine the Winner in BandarQ?

Player Wins: If the player’s card value is higher than the dealer’s value, the dealer will pay the bet that has been placed by the player.

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Bandar Menang: If the dealer’s card value is higher than the player’s value, then the players’ bets will be taken or eaten by the bandar.

Series / Equal Value: If the player and dealer card values ​​are tied / equal, the dealer will be the winner.

Player Wins With a Value of 9: If a player wins with a value of 9, then the dealer will pay the player’s bet by 2x the value of the bet placed by the bet.

City Wins By A Value of 9: If a city wins by a value of 9, automatically all players are declared losers.

If you already understand how to determine the winner, then next you have to understand how to calculate the value on the cards you get from a dealer. If you are a beginner or lay player and do not understand how to calculate the value. Don’t worry, below, we will show you how to calculate the value on the cards you get easily and quickly.

How to Calculate BandarQ Online Dealer Card Value

In the BandarQ Online game, each player will get a total of 2 cards from a dealer. If you are a novice player, on this occasion we will provide a more detailed explanation for you that is easy to understand. Here’s how to calculate the value of a card in an online domino bandarQ consisting of 2 cards which are divided into 2 parts, 1 on the left and 1 on the right. Then the value on the left + right with the total value will be the result of the last value on your card. If the value of your card is more than 10, then you only need to take the back number. Example: your total score is 18, then your score is 8.


City Play GuideQ

Before you start playing, make sure you have the capital to play. After you already have the capital to play, the next step is that you choose an empty table and chairs as a place to play in it. Then you will be given a little time to place a number of bets according to the nominal you want to place. After the time expires then a dealer will distribute 2 cards to each player who participates in placing a number of bets.

After that, each player will be given a little time to choose or peek at their cards. When the time ends then each player will be invited to open his card to be reported with the dealer’s card. If the player wins, the dealer will pay the bet according to the bet placed by the player or vice versa. If the dealer wins, all player bets will be eaten by the dealer.


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